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opera / large ensemble

Hagoromo (2015)
an opera-ballet for alto and tenor soloists, girls chorus, 5 instruments, and electronics.
Libretto by Brendan Pelsue.
Commissioned by American Opera Projects for premiere at BAM, and created through ICE's First Page commissioning program in memory of Claude Arpels and thanks to the lead support of Van Cleef & Arpels, Marisa Arpels, and Claude J. Arpels

On the Nature of Thingness (2011) for soprano and 10 instruments
Commissioned by ICE as part of ICElab

Bells (2011) for clarinet, flute, piccolo, percussion, spatialized percussionists, with 4 channel diffusion and 4 channels of cellphone transmission
Commissioned by ICE for Alice Tully Hall's "Tully Scope Festival", as part of ICElab


The Sand Reckoner (2017) for six solo voices, celeste, and electronics
Libretto edited by the composer from The Sand Reckoner by Archimedes, the Wycliffe Bible,“Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake, and a French comptine
Commissioned by Jacob Greenberg for Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble and the Tanglewood Music Center

a Sound uttered, a Silence crossed or Ask (2014) for SATB choir, percussion quartet, and live cellphone transmission
libretto by Laura Mullen
Commissioned by the La Jolla Symphony Chorus and a consortium of choirs and percussion groups

Bell of Silence (2013) for SATB choir and handbells
Words by Jennifer Davis Michael
Commissioned by the Sanctuary Choir of The Park Avenue Christian Church

Kuta and the Southern Cross (2006) for handbell choir
for the AUMC Handbell Choir


Echeia (2016) for string quartet and electronics
Commissioned by the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) for the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2016 and the Calder Quartet

The Bright and Hollow Sky (2008) for ensemble (flute, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, and percussion) with electronics
Commissioned by the International Contemporary Ensemble. Underwritten by the American Composers Forum, with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.

Skrzyp Skrzyn (2010) for amplified string quartet
Commissioned for the Calder Quartet by the MATA Festival and the Carlsbad Festival

Whet (2010) for percussion trio and 18 amplified cymbalsCommissioned for TimeTable Percussion by the Meet the Composer Commissioning Music/USA

de clocher à clocher (2012) for 2 pianists and 2 percussionists
Commissioned by Yarn/Wire for residency at Issue Project Room

Weather Rock (2012) for violin, cello, and three percussionists
Commissioned by Santa Fe New Music

[Interstitial Strategies] (2013) for flute, violin, cello, and piano (or any 3 sustaining instruments and percussion)
Commissioned by Collide-O-Scope

Big Box (2012) for telephones and birdcalls
a 7-second contribution to Third Coast Percussion's "Renga" project

Sounder (2009) for mixed septet and percussion sculpture installation by Trimpin
Commissioned the 2009 Ojai Festival and written for eighth blackbird

Like sweet bells jangled (2009) for Eb clarinet (or violin), crotales, and ring modulator
written for Duo Breekbaar

Winnow (2009) for 4 percussionists and frame drums
Commissioned by Ethos Percussion Group

Kebyar Untai (2005) for hammered dulcimer and cello
for Odd Appetite

April Showers (1996/2001) for three players with waterguns
for the Shepherd School Percussion Ensemble


Quatre Huîtres (2016) for hammered dulcimer
commissioned by First Page, ICE’s commissioning consortium

Limn (2015) for solo bass flute and contrabass flute with electronics
commissioned by Pnea Foundation for Claire Chase, Density iii

Crystal Radio (2013) for solo percussion
commissioned by and written for Steven Schick and made possible by a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation

Ghostlight (2013) for solo piano, gently prepared
commissioned by and written for Jacob Greenberg, premiered at the 2013 Mostlyt Mozart Festival

Cipher (2012) for baritone saxophone, processing, and shortwave recordings
            Commissioned by Daniel Arkfeld, Allison Balcetis, Chris Blossom, Geoffrey Deibel, James Fusik, Jeffrey Heisler, Jeffrey Loeffert, Ryan Muncy, Nathan Nabb, Brian Ngo, Sean Patayanikorn, John Sampen, Rhonda Taylor, Beth Trimblet, and David Wegehaupt

On speaking a hundred names (2010) for bassoon and processing
written for Rebekah Heller, commissioned by ICE as part of ICElab

The Mechanics of Escapement (2008) for toy piano and clock chimes
Commissioned by Concert Artists Guild for Phyllis Chen

pneApnea (2007) for alto flute and processing
written for Claire Chase

Dowser (2007) for bass clarinet and processing
written for Joshua Rubin

Simple Songs of Birth and Return (2007) for Mbira and processing
for Doug Perkins

Diving Bell (2002) for triangles and processing

Crawlspace (2002) for amplified (acoustic) computer, processing, and tape
commissioned by Magalhães Music, with funding from Meet the Composer

Talking to Vasudeva (2002) for river stones, processing, and field recordings
commissioned by the Outer Ear Festival in Chicago, with funding from Meet the Composer

Dovetail (2011) for solo snare drum
Commissioned by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Modern Snare Drum Competition

When to Stop (1998) for solo marimba
commissioned by Robert van Sice


The Other Mozart (2012) for the play by Sylvia Milo
music written in collaboration with Phyllis Chen


Morningside Lights - Odysseus on the A Train (2014) a procession for many instruments and multichannel fixed media broadcast on soundcloud
commissioned by Miller Theatre at Columbia University

Morningside Lights - The Luminous Deep (2013) a procession for many instruments and fixed media broadcast by soundcloud
commissioned by Miller Theatre at Columbia University

Morningside Lights - The Illuminated City (2012) a procession for many instruments and fixed media broadcast by radio
commissioned by Miller Theatre at Columbia University

Calithump and Belling Song (2012) a procession for small band, vuvuzelas, and fixed media broadcast by radio
commissioned by Carrie Schneider and Ben Fain


Rehearsing the Present (2005)
commissioned by Capturing the Moving Mind and the Trans-Siberian Radio

Performance materials are available on the shop page, any many works have audio or video excerpts.


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